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Together, we create innovation momentum, connecting you with the right partners and empowering Innovation Ecosystems.

What we can do for your innovation policies

Our collaborative and systemic approach aims to develop national and pan-African innovation-friendly policy frameworks by providing trusted strategic, policy and organisational support, tools, and partners from your local and international #InnovationEcosystems.

Supporting your policymaking

With our collaborative approach, we support you with participatory policymaking and in establishing credibility and visibility.

Providing knowledge and tools

We can contribute to your policymaking with regional and pan-African knowledge, a communication platform, and relevant tools.

Promoting lasting connections

We connect you with experts, ecosystems, and other policymakers, enabling you to learn from peers across different countries.

News & events

Our programmes to promote innovation policies

Our policy programmes drive change at government level by developing innovative, digital policy frameworks to foster tech entrepreneurship. With our partners, we provide policymakers like you with harmonized tools to create an enabling environment for innovation.

Digital Innovation Policy Commons with i4Policy
The entrepreneurship policy toolkit, developed by i4Policy with support of GIZ, has proven itself as a useful knowledge repository.
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inABLE – Development of National Accessibility ICT Standards in Kenya
Access to inclusive digitization is the exception? Let’s make it everyday life!
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    Event season is back: Make-IT in Africa and Friends attend Germany’s largest Founders Festival Bits & Pretzels 2022
    Good things come to those who wait! After events were postponed over and over again a Make-IT in Africa & Friends delegation attended the Bits & Pretzels in Munich. And they had a blast!
    Blog Article — November 9, 2022 — Anna Vambe
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    The ii2030 Rwanda Smart City Edition Journey
    To co-create systemic solutions in the smart city space, Make-IT supports the “ii2030 Rwanda Smart City Edition” a flagship initiative of Endeva.
    Blog Article — May 24, 2022 — Belen Adem, Endeva
  • Naa Sika: Leveraging the innovation ecosystem to scale
    Naa Sika: FinTech startup with an innovative banking solution
    The startup Naa Sika Micro Bank and its lead Ralph Menz are on a journey of creating innovative and trendy ways to manage money effectively.
    Blog Article — March 30, 2022
  • Cooling with the sun? Yes! The KOOLBOKS way…
    Cooling with the sun? Yes! The KOOLBOKS way…
    Frequent power outages, high costs of buying and running generators, and the relatively high cost of refrigerators prevent many African businesses ...
    Blog Article — March 30, 2022
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    With Optimalogistic an empty truck becomes an opportunity
    In Tunisia, for every three deliveries, two trucks return empty to their cities of origin.
    Blog Article — March 30, 2022